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Dr. Muhammad Yunus is winner of Nobel Peace Prize for founding the Grameen Bank and pioneering the concepts of microcredit and microfinance.

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09:00 | Registration
09:30 | Welcome Note by SBAN
Prof. Hiroshi Hoshino
09:40 | PECHAKUCHA Session
Ms. Yuiko Taira (UN-HABITAT), Mr. Norichika Matsuo(UN-HABITAT), Mr. Takeshi Nakao (JACOS), Ms. Haruna Morikawa (ON GRIT), Mr. Mitsuhiro Amaga (TOP-PEN), Mr. Shinya Kitagawa (Totell)

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Akane Matsumae
10:40 | Coffee Break
11:00 | Invited Speaker Session
Prof. Karl Burrow: (Karlletone Capital, USA)

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Naoshige Akita
12:00 | Lunch & Platinum Sponsor Presentation
13:30 | Social Business Creation Session
Sustainable Open Innovation Workshop

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Akane Matsumae
15:10 | Coffee Break
15:30 | Social Business Action Session
Mr. Dong Lu (Taiwan), Mr. Ashraf Hassan (Bangladesh) ,
Panel Discussion + Q&A

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Fumihiko Yokota
08:30 | Registration
09:00 | Welcome Note from Faculty of Design
09:10 | Invited Speaker Session
Prof. Chris Oestereich (Thammasat University, Thailand), Invited Speaker from TMF

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Naoki Nakashima
10:40 | Coffee Break
11:00 | Oral Presentation Session 1
Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Saliya de Silva (Sri Lanka)
12:00 | Lunch & Platinum Sponsor Presentation
13:30 | Oral Presentation Session 2
Prof. Higo, Prof. Moriyama(TEMDEC), Prof. Zhang (SDGs Design Unit), other 7 presenters
15:10 | Coffee Break
15:30| Expert Presentation Session
Preliminary Presentation: Prof. Dr. Tetsukazu Yahara

Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima (Omron) Prof. Dr. Cien-Wen Mark Shen (Taiwan) Mr. Faridz Yazi Wahab (Indonesia)

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Mariko Nshikitani
08:30 | Registration
09:00 | Welcome Note from ISEE
Prof. Dr. Hiroto Yasuura
09:10 | PHC Session
Introduction: Prof. Dr. Shuji Shimizu
Bangladesh Case Presentation: Mr. Moin Chowdhury
India: Prof. Dr. Biyani Manish
Cambodia: Prof. Dr. Kimiyo Kikuchi
Pakistan: Prof. Dr. Faiz Shah

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Rafiqul Islam Maruf
10:40 | Coffee Break
11:00 | Poster Evaluation Session
Evaluation Chair: Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima (Omron)

Prof. Dr. Saliya de Silva, Prof. Dr. Biyani Manish, Prof. Dr. Chien-Wen Mark Shen, Prof. Dr. Faiz Shah, Prof. Karl Burrow, Mr. Moin Chowdhury, Mr. Ashraf Hassan
12:00 | Lunch & Platinum Sponsor Presentation (Pegasus)
13:00 | Special Keynote: Dr. Muhammad Yunus 13:00-14:20
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Muhammad Yunus
Panel Discussion: Dr. Anis Uzzaman

Panel Moderator: Mr. Tatsuo Kawasaki (TAF)
14:20 | Social Tech Japan Kickoff Ceremony
14:40 | Coffee Break
15:00 | Award Ceremony & Closing
Award Ceremony
MC: Prof. Dr. Kimiyo Kikuchi

Closing Remark: Prof. Dr. Ashir Ahmed
16:00 | Networking Party

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