Dr. Rafiqul Islam Maruf

Dr. Rafiqul Islam Maruf

Associate Professor, Medical Information Center, Kyushu University, Japan

Dr. Rafiqul Islam Maruf is working as an Associate Professor at Medical Information Center of Kyushu University Hospital under Kyushu University, Japan. Before joining here in this October, he has been working as a Director (Operations) of Global Communication Center, the ICT based R&D wing of Grameen Communications, Bangladesh. Earlier Dr. Maruf worked in Japanese IT industries for 12 years after completing his Ph.D. in Information Engineering in 1997 from Hokkaido University, Japan.

Dr. Maruf has been associated with various Internet standardization organizations, government bodies and business communities. He has attended many International Conference, Seminars and events of ICT around the world and spoke on ICT for development. His interest covers in the areas including ICT for agriculture, education, environment, information and healthcare. The vision of Dr. Maruf is to see the world of “ICT for Humanity”.

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