Conference 08:30-13:00
Asahi Shinbun Honsha Building, 15th Floor


8:30-                Registration

9:00-9:10        Opening remarks by Prof. Masaharu Okada
                         Executive Director, Yunus & Shiiki Social Business Research Centre, Kyushu University

[Keynote Speeches]

9:10-9:30         Decision Science, Healthcare and Future Earth
                          Prof. Tetsukazu Yahara, IDS3, Kyushu University

9:30-9:50         Planet Under Pressure: New Knowledge Towards Solutions
                          Prof. Mark Stafford Smith, Science Director of CSIRO

9:50-10:10       Multidisciplinary Research in  eHealth in context of Universal Health Coverage & SDGs
                          Prof. Pradeep Ray, Director
                          Centre For Entrepreneurship  at the University of Michigan Joint Institute at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

(Coffee Break)

 [Oral Presentations]

10:30-11:50     Oral Presentations









11:50-12:00     Closing Speech: Dr. Takao Toda, Vice President for Human Security and Global Health, JICA

[Poster Session]

12:00-12:10     Preparation
12:10-12:40     Poster Presentation (Template can be downloaded from here)
12:40-13:00     Photo session


Symposium 14:30-17:30
Asahi Hamarikyu Hall, 2F
[Note: Separate Registration Required] (In Japanese Only) [Registration Closed]


14:30   Opening speech: Prof. Tetsukazu Yahara, IDS3, Kyushu University
14:35   Research Presentations from Academia and Industry
15:05   Keynote Speech: Prof. Muhammad Yunus
15:45   Panel Discussion
Panelists: Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Prof. Tetsukazu Yahara, and Prof. Masaharu Okada
Coordinator: Ashir Ahmed

[Part 2]

16:10   Keynote Speech: Ms. Yuriko Koike (Governor, Tokyo)
16:25   Keynote Speech: Mr. Takashi Kawazoe (CarePro, Inc.)
16:40   Panel Discussion
17:25   Closing Speech: Mr. Masataka Watanabe (President, Asahi Newspaper)

To download this symposium details, click here


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