April 27, 2018

Poster Session 13:30  -  15:10 Poster Session Foyer-2nd floor

Poster Session

Researchers who have submitted their research works (short paper) in the area of Healthcare, SDGs and Social Business and got acceptance will visualize their works through posters. It will be a good opportunity for knowledge acquisition by exploring to different research works and learning from the corresponding authors.

List of poster presenters are as follows:

  1. Healthcare Professionals’ Awareness of Mobile Healthcare Services in Korea
    Authors: Yoonjae Shin, Na Rae Park, Yoo Song, Seok Min Kim, Yeong Cheol Shin, Yoo Ki Sang, Sunyong Song, Namki Hong, Jae Sun Kim, and Yumie Rhee
  2. The Rubber Hand Illusion of Disgust : A Possible Approch to Obsessive-compulsive Disorder
    Authors: Hiroshi Nitta, Haruto Tomita, Yi Zhang, Xinxin Zhou, and Yuki Yamada
  3. Evaluation Criteria of Physiological Indicators of Home Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy – Challenge to Develop Information and Communication Technology Application to Support Home Patients’ Life
    Authors: Naoko Takeyama and Michiko Moriyama
  4. Smart Prescription System using Handwriting Recognition for Doctors
    Authors: Sparsh Gupta, Towfiq Hossain, and Ashir Ahmed
  5. Internet-Delivered Behavioral Therapy for Patients with Tourette Syndrome in Remote Area
    Authors: Chia-Wen Shen, Hsiu-Ju Chang, and Chang-Wei Hsueh
  6. Concept of an Acceptance Range to Detect of Errors in Human Assisted Remote Healthcare Systems
    Authors: Mehdi Hasan, Fumihiko Yokota, Akira Fukuda, Nazneen Sultana, and Ashir Ahmed
  7. Impact of Advertisement and Social Reference on eHealth Use in Rural Bangladesh
    Authors: Md. Nazmul Hossain, Masuda Begum Sampa, Fumihiko Yokota, and Ashir Ahmed
  8. Initial Attempt of Acoustic Vehicle Detection under Strong Wind
    Authors: Shigemi Ishida, Masato Uchino, Jumpei Kajimura, Shigeaki Tagashira, and Akira Fukuda
  9. Application of Uncertainty Handling Method for Smart Mobility Application Development
    Authors: Hiromasa Inoki, Kenji Hisazumi, Akira Fukuda, Takahiro Ando, and Tsuneo Nakanishi
  10. Initial Evaluation of Low Power Vehicle Detection System utilizing Discrete Wavelet Transform
    Authors: Kazuo Kubo, Chengyu Li, Koji Sato, Shigemi Ishida, Shigeaki Tagashira, Masato Uchino, and Akira Fukuda
  11. Design and Implementation of Train Detector using Rail-Side Microphone
    Authors: Koji Sato, Shigemi Ishida, Jumpei Kajimura, Kazuo Kubo, Masato Uchino, Shigeaki Tagashira, and Akira Fukuda
  12. Preserving Heritage by Social Business and Tourism
    Authors: Faisal Huda, Tomo Inoue, Junko Tamura, Jun Tsuchiya, Dhrubo Alam, and Rudmila Tarek
  13. Delivery Service of Health Foods and Health Care Aiming to Improve the Health Consciousness and Reduce the Burden of Health-care-staffs in Thailand
    Authors: Lei Yang, Keisuke Oki, Kengo Mieda, and Mao Koga
  14. Butterfly Pea and Community Fund
    Authors: Airi Terada, Riko Tsukamoto, and Katsuhiro Tomozawa