April 26, 2018

Session 1: Building the Social Business Enterprise Ecosystem 13:30  -  15:10 Session 1: Building the Social Business Enterprise Ecosystem Conference room-1st floor

Session 1: Building the Social Business Enterprise Ecosystem

This session is built around the proposition that certain attributes exist outside the boundaries of an organization but within a region that contributes to the competitiveness, viability, and effectiveness of an organization / new venture. This type of thinking is often applied to the analysis of entrepreneurial ecosystems. An ecosystem is an inter-connected collection of actors, institutions, social structures, and cultural values that produce social business activity. The ecosystem consisted of the interaction of social, political, economic and cultural drivers that support social business. Social business ecosystems exist at the interplay of non-profit, commercial / MNCs, local government, the federal government and civil society.

Dr. Muhammad Yunus has proposed social business as both organizations but also a system to reframe opportunity and relationships within society. This session undertakes the first step in an examination of actors, processes, cultural values and institutions that form part of the proposed social business ecosystem at the national and then supra-national levels.

This session is organized around two key speakers and an invited panel of discussants.

  1. Prof. Gillian Sullivan Mort – Who are the Stakeholders in the Ecosystem and how can relationships be developed for example between MNCs and social business, between CSR initiatives and social business?
  2. Md. Rafiuddin Ahmed – Engaging Parents, Schools and Students to encourage cultural values around creativity in the social business ecosystem


  1. Prof. Faiz Shah, Thailand- From YSBC to SB Campus: A case study from Thailand
  2. Prof. Masaharu Okada, Japan- Engaging academia, industry, and government in Japan
  3. Dr. Chien-wen Shen, Taiwan
  4. Dr. Satoshi Ishida, Japan
  5. Dr. Enrico Testi, Italy

Note: Each speaker will speak for 20 minutes. The panel discussion will be for 50 minutes.