April 27, 2018

Session 3.3: Paper Presentations 10:50  -  12:30 Session 3.3: Paper Presentations Lecture Room 2 (2nd floor)

Session 3.3: Paper Presentations

In this session, following researchers will present their research works through oral presentations.

Presentation time: 12 minutes
Q&A: 5 minutes

Session Chair: Dr. Shigemi Ishida

  1. Paper Title: The Poblem of Heavy Metals in Fishes From the Kazaure Dams in Jigawa State
    Authors: Otokiti Jimoh
  2. Paper Title: Assessing Resilience of Urban Communities in Kabul City
    Authors: Shabir Ahmad Kabirzad and Hiroshi Takabayashi
  3. Paper Title: A System Architecture to Predict Prescription from Doctor-Patient Audio Conversation for Improving the Efficiency of Portable Health Clinic
    Authors: Towfiq Hossain, Sparsh Gupta, and Ashir Ahmed
  4. Paper Title: Visual Analytics of the Gerontology Literature
    Authors: Chien-Wen Shen, Tuan Duong Nguyen, and Po-Yu Hsu
  5. Paper Title: Ride-share in Compromised Transport Resource Areas of Japan Case Studies in Itoshima City, Yame City and Tango Town
    Authors: Nuren Abedin, Jecinta Kamau, Kenji Hisazumi, Akira Fukuda and Ashir Ahmed