April 27, 2018

Special Session: Physical Health 15:30  -  16:00 Special Session: Physical Health Conference room-1st floor

Special Session: Physical Health

Title: Elderly Friendly Physical Exercises Suitable for Urban Bangladesh

About this session:

Aging is associated with declines in activities of daily living and physical function that can lead to physical impairment, disability, and loss of independence (Spirduso, 2005). An optimum and regular physical exercise programs along with an appropriate caloric intake may offset aging-associated declines in physical health.
Bangladesh is a small country with huge population. Along with gradual economic development in Bangladesh, open spaces such as public parks and lakes are becoming occupied by unauthorized vendors and merchants where either new shopping malls or other kind of business centers are being set up. As a result, open spaces to perform outdoor physical exercises are decreasing in number and sizes each year in Bangladesh which is affecting badly the health and wellbeing of its population. 
Many people in Bangladesh are suffering from various lifestyle-related diseases which are becoming a major public health issue in this country (Islam and Majumder, 2013). To address this issue professionally, home-based or community-based physical exercise program (Islam et al., 2016) could be a better alternative to outdoor exercises for middle-aged and older people in this country. In our exercise program, we use less expensive, recyclable PET water bottles as an alternative to the conventional heavy and expensive machines to perform resistance exercises (cost-effective). 
The concept of home-based and community-based physical exercises is not yet well known in developing countries like Bangladesh. However, these programs may contribute to the fulfillment of an SDG (Healthcare) through health promotion. Organizing cost-effective fitness clubs at community settings to perform