April 26, 2018

Special Session: Spiritual Health 15:30  -  16:00 Special Session: Spiritual Health Conference room-1st floor

Special Session: Spiritual Health

Dr.Poonchai Chitanuntavitaya, MD founder of Social Health Enterprise (SHE) since 2012, will execute this session. Dr.Poonchai is a cardiologist who response to implementing Universal Health Coverage program in Thailand 16 years ago. He has been working as director of National Health Security Office (NHSO), Bangkok branch for 4 years.

SHE as Social Enterprise were interested in prevention of Workplace stress, as the cause of many health problems, since the era of the smartphone. Dr.Poonchai develop a manual therapy that effectively restores the positive energy of people in 10 min, people call this Human Maintenance Service (HMS). Dr. Poonchai will demonstrate the manual therapy in this session.

SHE received Inspirational Innovator 2017 Award from National Innovation Agency for training HMS to many least opportunity groups, helping them to earn income and create many social impacts. Yunus Center at AIT analyze SHE Social innovation and found it fit with 8 out of 17 UN SDGs.