Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima

Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima

Omron Corporation

Title: Value Creation via Innovation to Solve Social Problems


The starting point of Omron Corporation could be described as: “venturing spirit”; it can be defined as the driving force to push boundaries to the very edge and never stop improving. Our business style is based on technology creation to help provide solutions through various components and services against any problems that our customers may have. Starting with an electromagnetic relay maker, Omron Corporations has been expanded into six multiple business entities including electronic and mechanical components, control devices for factory automation, social systems, automotive electronic components, healthcare and medical equipment, and environmental solutions. These businesses have been innovated by the strong will and desire to solve problems that have been observed or predicted in our social lives, specifically, it’s the idea of social needs creation. For instance, electronic blood pressure monitors, that are commonly used in households, were developed in 1973. Over 40 years have proven the importance of home blood pressure monitors by both medical activities of epidemiological and clinical studies, and engineering ones to realize its accuracy and ease of use. Our recent concerns of application domains are manufacturing, mobility, and healthcare. In the manufacturing domain, labor forces decline due to aging and population decrease, especially in developed nations, is a serious problem for keeping and improving productivity. Alternatively, many kinds of problems and solutions have been observed and realized in mobility. Among them, autopilot and driving assistant technologies are extremely popular and sought after. On the other hand, accidents arising from aging drivers are also serious problems. Because of population aging, lifestyle-related diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes, have serious impacts on the decline of QoL. In order to solve these problems, some solution activities and ideas will be presented in this speech.


April 26, 2018
Corporate Speech over Lunch
Conference room-1st floor
12:30  -  13:30
April 27, 2018
Session-3.1: Expert Presentations
Conference room-1st floor
10:50  -  12:30