Dr. Manish Biyani

Dr. Manish Biyani

Associate Professor, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Title: Healthcare Case Studies in Asia/Africa

Dr. Manish Biyani received the ME (2001) in Bioengineering and Ph.D. (2004) in Biological Science from Saitama University, Japan. Acquiring higher education in Japan, Dr Biyani built a career in the field of Biotechnology and was invited as Research Scientist to join two major national projects of JST (Japan Science and Technology), CREATE and CREST, for 10 years from 2004 to 2013, where Dr. Biyani used nanobio-device tools to develop high-speed molecular evolution reactor for screening novel and highly-functional bio-molecules and bio-drugs. Dr. Biyani also appointed as staff (Res. Assistant Professor) in the Department of Bioengineering at The University of Tokyo from 2009-2013. In 2014, Dr. Biyani is invited to join Hokuriku Life Science Cluster (HLSC) project and appointed as staff (Res. Associate Professor) in Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.


April 27, 2018
Session-4: Healthcare Case Studies in Asia / Africa
Conference room-1st floor
16:00  -  17:40