Dr. Ryoma Kayano

Dr. Ryoma Kayano

Technical officer, WHO Centre for Health Development, Kobe

Keynote 2: Global Health Challenges for Achieving UHC/SDGs and Required Social and Technological Innovations

Dr. Ryoma Kayano joined WHO in 2015, having previously worked at Nagasaki University School of Medicine as a lecturer in charge of promotion of medical research activities and international collaborations. He currently works for WHO Centre for Health Development, a policy research center of WHO, as a focal point of health emergencies, in charge of liaison for local/national government on the issue including communicable disease outbreak and natural disaster risk management. He also works as a coordinator for research activities regarding mental health, dementia, non-communicable disease, disaster risk management for health, etc., as his background in medicine and psychiatry. After graduating from medical school, he began his career as a general practitioner, working with vulnerable populations such as older populations and people with disabilities. In 2011, he worked for disaster survivors of Great East Japan Earthquake as a member of Tokyo Metropolitan Disaster Relief Team.


April 26, 2018
Keynote Speech
Conference room-1st floor
11:10  -  12:30