Prof. Edmund Soji Otabe

Prof. Edmund Soji Otabe

Professor, Dept. of CSE, Kyushu Institute of Technology

Title: Solve Problems in Hospital of Developing Country by using Design Thinking

Kyushu Institute of Technology and University of Rajshahi in Bangladesh have signed an inter-university agreement on Feb. 2017.  And then, Kyushu Institute of Technology invited 10 students of University of Rajshahi by using Sakura Science Plan of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) on December 2017. They visited Iizuka hospital to learn latest system in Japanese hospital. Then three groups of Japanese and Bangladeshi students tried to solve several problems concerning on hospital and medical care by using Design Thinking. Design Thinking is one of the method to solve general problem where human should be center. Design Thinking uses 5 to 6 steps to solve problems such as empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test and presentation. As a result, they focused on 1. death rate increases in emergency department, 2. providing healthcare to the disabled  and or senior,  3. make public health care neat and clean in Bangladesh. And they proposed methods assisted by information technology. In future plans, we need to propose ideas that can be developed at low cost without using advanced technology even in developing countries. This work is also supported by Promotion of International Cooperation Bangladesh (PICBangla).

Dr. Edmund Soji Otabe is Professor in Department of Computer Science and Electronics at Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech). He was vice president in charge of International Affairs of Kyutech from 2013 to 2016. He is now chairperson of Promotion of International Cooperation Bangladesh (PICB) from 2016. His major in science is superconductivity and application using superconductor. He has published over 190 papers.


April 27, 2018
Session-3.1: Expert Presentations
Conference room-1st floor
10:50  -  12:30