Mr. Rafiuddin Ahmed

Mr. Rafiuddin Ahmed

Sessional Lecturer & PhD Scholar, La Trobe University, Australia

Title: It’s Not Too Early to be Your Own Boss


Our smartphones are latest.

Our cars are latest.

Our houses have latest gears and gazettes.

But still, we are sticking with 200 years old schooling system which is just creating more unemployed people who turned into a burden for the country, world. So, let’s update our schools, teaching methods and make it more practical oriented. Other than creating more ‘knowledge labor’ in school, we should focus on creating more change makers, entrepreneurs who can actually create more impacts for society i.e. jobs.

We are approaching to a future of unemployment due to the emergence of artificial intelligence, the rise of robots (RoR), humanoids where most of the repetitive and labor-intensive jobs will fade away soon. To combat this uncertainty, job creation and self-employment through self-education can be a solution.

As a part of that we should introduce ‘Entrepreneurship and related pedagogy’ from primary school as it is the best time to learn cognitive, non-cognitive skills (soft skills), emotional intelligence, social skills, empathy, active compassion, basic business skills, STEM at their early life as kids pass massive sensory development at this stage which infuses ample quest for learning innovation. So we should instill the ideas to grow with a changed mentality that is-“It’s not too early to be your own boss and be a kidpreneur”.


Rafiuddin Ahmed is fuelled with gallons of spirit for the InnokidsTM Melbourne, Australia. He has ample motivation and passion to change the world with his enormous social change making ideas. He always believes, “Don’t wait for the opportunity to come, rather create it”.

He is the founder of InnokidsTM (a kidpreneurial Training hub) that tries to create more kidpreneur to lessen unemployment from the globe. He also believes, if we can teach entrepreneurship at early school (primary level) it will have more social impact in future in the areas of lessening major social problems (SDG goals 1, 8, 9).

Other than YSBC involvement, he is working as the founder President and idea leader of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation club (SBEIC) and COO of Yunus Social Business Center at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.

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April 26, 2018
Session 1: Building the Social Business Enterprise Ecosystem
Conference room-1st floor
13:30  -  15:10