Mr. Parraguirre Andrés

Mr. Parraguirre Andrés

Partnership & Engagement Coordinator, Yunus Center AIT

Workshop Title: From 0 to 1, Starting Your Social Business from Ground-up

Mr. Andrés Parraguirre works as Partnerships and Engagement Coordinator at the Yunus Center AIT (YCA). In parallel, acts as Program Officer at AIT Extension, responsible for the coordination and management of training and continuing professional education programs in the areas of development management. Going all the way from his home country Mexico to Bangladesh to pursue his passion for social business. Now in Thailand, his main emphasis is developing capacity cross sectors with a focus on Entrepreneurship Development, Leadership Enabling, Sustainable Development, Exponential Technologies, Design Thinking, Facilitation and Liberating Structures. He has lead sessions in more than 10 different countries in a wide range of contexts. People of all ages, seniority, and levels of understanding. From senior rural entrepreneurs in Chile, young social innovators in Bangladesh, and high-level academia officials in Afghanistan. Andrés also belongs to different international social innovation and entrepreneurship networks like +Acumen Corps, Makesense, while being Fellow Balloon Latam 2014 and Fellow DSIL 2015.



April 26, 2018
Workshop on Social Business
Conference room-1st floor
09:00  -  10:40