Prof. Masaharu Okada

Prof. Masaharu Okada

Executive Director, Yunus & Shiiki Social Business Research Center, Kyushu University

In 1979, Professor Masaharu Okada has joined NTT, in which he was mainly in charge of international business management, especially, international legal management including intellectual property license, lobbying, public relations, and internet business projects. In NTT-America(19881994), as General Counsel, he was in charge of the management of legal, public relations, personnel, and research. In NTT-X(19942001), he was in charge of Internet Business Developments of NTT and alliances with ventures in the field of Internet area in and out of Japan.

In 2001, retired NTT, and joined Kyushu University in the following year. In the University, he is teaching in the Law School such as Cyber Law, International Corporate Law and Contract Writing. Also, he is supporting industry-university collaboration projects in IMAQ (Intellectual Property Management Center) as Vice General Manager of International Industry-University Collaboration Center.

In October 2005, he has become a board member of ACCESS in charge of corporate governance, compliance, strategic alliances (M&A) and international business strategies.

In October 2008, he was appointed as General Counsel in charge of international projects of the University. Since 2008, he has also been engaged in the projects of the University with Grameen Family, working closely with Prof Yunus for promoting Social Business in and out of Japan, and became Executive Director of Yunus & Shiiki Social Business Research Center, Kyushu University in April 2011.


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April 27, 2018
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