Speakers 2017

Guest Speaker (Afternoon Session)
HealthCare, SDGs and Social Business

Professor Muhammad Yunus
Yunus Centre, Bangladesh

Prof. Muhammad Yunus is a Bangladeshi social entrepreneur, banker, economist, and civil society leader who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for his active role in poverty alleviation in Bangladesh through founding Grameen Bank and pioneering the concepts of microcredit and microfinance. Prof. Yunus completed his BA and MA in Economics from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh; obtained his PhD in economics from the Vanderbilt University Graduate Program in Economic Development (GPED) in 1971. Apart from the Nobel Peace Prize, he received more than 100 awards including the Ramon Magsaysay Award, the US Presidential Medal of Freedom, the US Congressional Gold Medal Award, the World Food Prize, the Nikkei Asia Prize, and Fukuoka Prize. Professor Yunus has also received more than 40 honorable titles (such as emeritus professor) from universities around the world.

Guest Speaker (Afternoon Session)

Yuriko Koike
The Governor of Tokyo, Japan

Yuriko Koike, a successful Japanese politician is serving as the governor of Tokyo since 2016. Born and raised in Hyogo Prefecture, she belongs to an oil merchant and politician’s family. Inspired by her father’s view on the essentiality of maintaining a steady relationship to secure a steady oil supply for Japan, Koike studied Arabic language at American University of Cairo. Later, she pursued Bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of Cairo, Egypt in 1976. Koike has run a successful career as a bold female politician in Japan where women’s participation in politics is surprisingly low comparing to other developed countries since 1990. She was a member of the House of Representatives of Japan from 1993 to 2016. She served as Minister of Environment in charge of global environmental problems, Okinawa in 2004, Special Advisor to Prime Minister for National Security Affairs in 2006 and Minister of Defense in the cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzō Abe in 2007. On 31 July 2016, Koike was elected Governor of Tokyo, the city’s first female governor.

Keynote Speaker (Morning Session)
Decision Science, Healthcare and Future Earth

Professor Tetsukazu Yahara
Director, Institute of Decision Science for a Sustainable Society, Kyushu University, Japan.

Dr. Yahara is coordinating a trans-disciplinary graduate education program on decision science covering sciences of environments, disaster, health, governance and human cooperation. He has over 30 year experience of ecology and evolution, conservation biology and biodiversity science and is now leading some projects including plant diversity assessments in tropical forests of SE Asia. He contributed to the development of bioGENESIS core project of DIVERSITAS. He also contributed to developing a global network of biodiversity observation as a co-chair of GEO BON working group 1 and is now chairing Asia-Pacific biodiversity observation network (APBON).

Keynote Speaker (Morning Session)
Planet Under Pressure: New Knowledge Towards Solutions

Professor Mark Stafford Smith
Science Director of CSIRO

Dr. Mark Stafford Smith is based in Canberra, Australia, and helps to coordinate Adaptation Research across CSIRO; he oversights a highly interdisciplinary program of research on many aspects of adapting to climate change, as well as regularly interacting with national and international policy issues. He has over 30 years experience in drylands systems ecology, management and policy, including senior roles such as CEO of the Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre in Alice Springs. His significant international roles include being past vice-chair of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme’s Scientific Committee.  In 2012 he was co-chair of the Planet Under Pressure: New Knowledge Towards Solutions conference on global environmental change in the lead up to Rio+20. In 2013 he was appointed Chair of the inaugural Science Committee for Future Earth, which aims to help coordinate research towards global sustainability worldwide.

Keynote Speaker (Morning Session)
Multidisciplinary Research in  eHealth in the context of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and SDGs 

Professor Pradeep Ray
Centre For Entrepreneurship  at the University of Michigan Joint Institute at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), China

He was the founder and Director for 10 yrs at the Asia Pacific ubiquitous Healthcare research Centre, University of New South Wales, Australia that was designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre on eHealth (in 2013). In APuHC, Pradeep has been working on a range of innovative projects on eHealth and mHealth (jointly with the industry, country governments and global bodies like WHO, ITU and IEEE) in eHealth (using Information and Communication Technologies in Healthcare) and mHealth (healthcare using mobile phone technologies) across the Asia Pacific region. He is currently leading research on social entrepreneurship, such as Universal Healthcare based on UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) through public-private partnerships. He has been the founder of IEEE Healthcom, the premier international conference on eHealth that has been held annually since 1999. He is now an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer on Social Implications of Technology.

Closing Remark (Morning Session)

Dr. Takao Toda (Ph.D.)
Vice President for Human Security and Global Health
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

As the Vice President for Human Security and Global Health, Dr. Toda promotes strategic planning and implementation of JICA’s operations. Dr. Toda received Ph.D at the Graduate School of International Development in Nagoya University in 2009, master’s degree at the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences in the University of Tokyo in 2001, and LL.B at the Faculty of Law in Kyoto University in 1984. For more than three decades, he has been playing various key roles of strategizing and implementing Japan’s ODA, such as Group Director on Peace Building, Group Director on Human Security, Senior Fellow of JICA Research Center, Chief Representative of Bangladesh Office, Director General of Human Development Department. He has a wide range of knowledge and experience especially on the operationalization process of Human Security, which has been the core concept of Japan’s diplomatic policy of international cooperation.

Keynote Speaker (Afternoon Session)

Takashi Kawazoe
Founder & CEO
Carepro, Inc. Japan

Mr. Takashi Kawazoe is the Founder and CEO of Carepro, Inc. Japan. Recently he was elected as Ashoka Fellow. Earlier in his career he worked as a Nurse at Tokyo Univ. Hospital (DM Dept.) after completing his graduation from Keio Univ. (RN, PHN) Mr Takashi Kawazoe is revolutionizing the field of medical care in Japan by transforming the way nurses are utilized and medical care is received. Rather than be bound to conventional nursing norms, he has created a new career path for nurses, in which they work outside a hospital. Mr Kawazoe has identified nurses’ strengths and created a system of self‐check medical stations for patients to access their healthcare needs.

Opening Remark (Morning Session) and Panelist (Afternoon Session)

Professor Masaharu Okada
Executive Director
Yunus & Shiiki Social Business Research Center, Kyushu University, Japan

In 1979, joined NTT, mainly in charge of international business management, especially, international legal management including intellectual property license, lobbing, public relations, internet business projects. Internet Business Developments of NTT and alliances with ventures in the field of Internet area in and out of Japan was one of his mission. In 2001, after retiring NTT, he joined Kyushu University. In the University, he was teaching in the Law School. Also,he is in charge of Corporation-Government-Academia collaboration projects. At the same time, He was General Counsel of International Legal Office of Kyushu University. Since 2009, he has been in the project of Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Prize Winner (2006) and the University, establishing ‘Yunus & Shiiki Social Business Research Center’ as Executive Director.

Panel Coordinator (Part 1) and General Chair of the Conference

Dr. Ashir Ahmed
Associate Professor
Kyushu University, Japan

Dr. Ahmed is an Associate Professor at Kyushu University, Japan and also working as a Director of Global Communication Center at Grameen Communications in Bangladesh. Aiming to produce and promote ICT based social services for the unreached community, in 2007, he developed a joint collaboration with Grameen and Kyushu University and produced numerous projects e.g. GramWeb (a village information platform), ePassbook (an electronic gadget for the unreached), $300 portable clinic and IGPF (Income Generation Project for Farmers using ICT). Inside the University, he developed a team of multi-disciplinary researchers which ultimately produced 3 social business research organizations e.g. GCL (Grameen Creative Lab), GTL (Grameen Technology Lab) in 2009 and a social business research center (SBRC) in 2011. He is also a core contributor to establish Grameen Yukiguni Maitake Ltd., an agro based social business in Bangladesh. After receiving PhD from Tohoku University in 1999, he worked with Avaya Labs, and NTT Communications, Japan to R&D VoIP systems. His current research aims to develop ICT for development. He is a member of IEEE, EMBS, and IEICE.

Panel Coordinator (Part 2)

Toru Ishii
Senior Staff Writer
Asahi Shimbun, Japan

Toru Ishii is the senior staff writer of the Asahi Shimbun since 1997. He has been covering both domestic and international environmental and renewable energy issues. In 2005, he was a visiting research fellow at the University of Edinburgh.

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